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Helping You Vibrate At The Highest Frequency

During her time as a sales and market development coach for renowned companies such as Toshiba, Minolta and The Tampa Tribune; just to name a few, her extensive corporate training has helped Lionza develop a deeper connection and understanding of not only life, but the process of achieving aggressive professional goals - and how to utilize the power of your mind and spirit to have those goals realized.

Embracing her own calling, Lionza left Corporate America to become a spiritual teacher. With over 1,000 clients all over the world, Lionza guides them in their journey through life. She reminds her students that, whether they are seeking spiritual enlightenment or not, we are all spirits living a human experience. Everyone's spiritual journey is unique therefore, only they can live it and a spiritual teacher can help one navigate through storms into calmer waters. A session with Lionza is that of a powerful one with Reiki healing, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Indigenous Shamanic healing modalities. Sessions with Lionza help you heal any unresolved traumas that are blocking you from living the life you want, guide you in understanding and seeing life challenges from a different perspective in order to find the positive in every challenge, renew your faith, give you clarity, peace in body, mind and spirit.

Lionza had the incredible opportunity of hosting a radio show in Los Angeles, California. The goal of the show was to provide spiritual healing to her listeners with teachings about how one's thoughts and energy affect your life, how to manifest your deepest desires and live life in abundance. By popular demand, Lionza has been asked to return for a new show which will be live broadcasting from Los Angeles in 2020.

  • Law of Attraction Teacher

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer & Coach

  • Usui Ryhoho Reiki Master & Instructor

  • Forensic Healing

  • Spiritual Marriage/Family Counseling

  • Doctor of Metaphysical Hypnosis, Mhyp.D / Current, Univ. of Sedona, '20 

  • BS in Business Administration/HR Management, La Univ. del Zulia '97

  • Sales and Market Develop. for National Linen, The Washington Post amongst others

  • Associated with Ingenio and Presto Experts

  • Over 18,000 5 star reviews